Refund Policy and assiciated websites Refund Policy Governing Membership

[Subject to revision by from time to time]
[Applicable for Paid membership, Elite Services, Astro services and any other Services] [ and any of our linked community website owned by will be referred as here onwards]

By paying yourself, you represent that:

  • The minimum age for registering in our website, is 18 years for women and 21 years for men.
  • You have gone through the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Our website offers free registration and profile search option to ensure our customers understand the type of profile and number of profile matching your criteria BEFORE making us any payment. Payment towards our services is optional and a choice made you after enjoying our services thus we do not offer ANY REFUND OF MEMBERSHIP FEES under any circumstances. You will lose your full payment made if you choose to terminate the membership for any reason or upon your marriage fix via our portal OR elsewhere.

Insufficient Matching options
Prior to payment for services, we allows our users including free members to apply several search criteria and do careful evaluation of number of profile available with us for them so we do not allow any refund under criteria for insufficient matching

Incorrect Contact Details
If you observer more than 60% of candidates you contacted are married or incorrect contact details then please contact us on our helpline or email address to raise your claim. Our team will validate the claim and will refund you applicable amount protal based on number profiles credits used and duration lapsed of the membership payment. We ensure higher quality data on our system thus we will take necessary actions to delete profiles to help other users.

Partially Used Membership
We offer very economic payment plans and the number of credits purchase under a plan does not give you any guarantee of the number of matching profiles available for you. Before making payment please ensure how many profiles are available for you and select the plan accordingly. We do not offer any refund for unused credits.

Termination by
If terminates your membership for a reason other than violation of rule and regulation or any of the Terms and Conditions, you may be entitled to the prorated value of your remaining membership period OR prorate based on number of contact seen by you under your purchase package however any refund is completely subject to management discretion and you do not have rights or power to challenge our management decision by any means or methods.

The Membership is deemed to have been entered into at Indore, India and the laws of India will govern the Membership. Disputes arising out of or in any way touching the Membership including interpretation of any of the terms are to be referred to arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act [Indian Act] at Indore before a sole Arbitrator.