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Tarot Card Reading and marriage, love compatibility Divya Chugh is well known in Tarot world as 'MA DEVYANI'. She is US Certified Intentionally Renowned ‘Tarot Counselor & Tarot psychotherapist’, Pyramid Vastu Consultant, Spiritual Healer, Fengshui Expert, Speaker & Social worker. Her work excels in accurate future analysis, specialized & very effective counseling skills, & her down to earth approach in all fields of life. Since from childhood, she is blessed with the gift of clairvoyance, intuition and mystical experiences. Rather than only focusing on purely predictive readings, her specialized Tarot Counseling sessions/Reports are also used more precisely as an aid in understanding the circumstances and influences surrounding a given situation & effective solution of a problems. She provides on line Tarot Certification Courses & one to one personal Tarot teaching .The purpose of Tarot Cards and Spiritual Institute of India is to gather people who are interested in Tarot, to work with people who are willing to study real depth of Tarot World, to share experiences with others and to increase a high ethical standard. She also expertise in Tarot Healing for Health Problem, Past life healing, Rudraksha Therapy & healing, 'life path' reading, Dream Analysis for future planning, Distance healing for health, living/working areas & chakra systems.

She is giving her esteemed services to Shaadi.com as RELATIONSHIP ADVISOR & an Expert of shaaditimes.com magazine. . Her personal counseling session takes around 2 to 3 hours per client. Her expertise training technique helps a person in balancing their state of mind in all positives and negatives through Special Tarot Counseling sessions. As a result of her hard work & by the grace of GOD many couples separated or on the stage of Divorce with extreme negativities in their marital life is now together, enjoying happy compatible marital life after attending her counseling sessions.

She has worked a lot on Potential Analysis. She is associated with institutions, management/Social associations, especially helping YOUTH to self realize their potential through SWOT analysis counseling sessions and guide them the ways to be on the right path in their life to achieving ultimate success. Now she has proved her Tarot counseling skills, spiritual management techniques on treating patients who are suffering from stress, depression, Phobias & fear by helping doctors & psychiatrist.

She is certified Pyramid Vastu Consultant; a science of balancing Cosmic energy field levels of any area. She provides ultimate Remedies for Vastu Defects of Residential Buildings & Flats, Business Centers, Commercial Complex, Industries/Factories ( without demolition) Family Problem, Children Education Good Health of a person staying there for the upliftment and betterment of their Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and social Growth, which in turns led their life towards Happiness and Overall Prosperity.

She is an excellent SPEAKER. She has worked a lot on knowing the secrets of Human Life journey. Her famous speeches are Spiritual Management, Who am I, Stress Management, How to improve Corporate Aura, Happy Attitudes, Tarot is a key of ultimate success, Secrets of healthy marriage and a lot more.

Many news coverage/predictions/articles are published in news papers like Times of India, Hindustan Times, Denik Bhaskar, Naidunia, NavBharat, News today, Patrica. She gave her regular predictions with Bhaskar group on her TV show named “TAROT BHAVISHYAVANI". She has thousands of clients all over world.

Divya says "I specialize in questions regarding: life decisions, emotional difficulties, relationship issues, career/money/business concerns, goals creation, personal growth, spiritual growth, exploring and changing old beliefs, healing and transformation options, metaphysical challenges, higher consciousness choices, and much more. My mission is to help others who are searching for answers on various problems. My experience has been related with the problems of professionals, youth, students, women and families. I give guidance to Celebrities, Politicians, administrators, businessman, students and all kind of working people. I expertise them training a technique helps in balancing their state of mind in all positives and negatives through Special Tarot Counseling". I am empathic and use my clairvoyance to sense energies, feelings and perceptions about people, things, situations or experiences. I receive flashes and images while performing tarot readings and receive messages intuitively. I use these abilities to help others and to comfort them in difficult situations.

Her Education Her Achievements & Awards

*M.Sc., M.Phil (Life Science)

*Homeopath, Naturopath

*Tarot Card Reader & Consultant

C.A.T.R., C.T.R., C.P.T.R., C.T.C.

(Tarot Certification Board of America)

*Certified Pyramid Vastu Consultant

Certified by Dr.JITEN BHATT,Baroda)

* USUI Reiki Healer, I.C.R.T.

(International Centre of Reiki Training)


( Tarot Card & Spiritual Institute of India)

*'VARAH' award 2007 from W.W.A.F.

(World Woman’s Astrological Federation)

* Gold Medalist in Tarot Reading & counseling

*Honor of 'Jagrat Samaj Ki Jagrat Mahila',

*Member of world woman astrological federation

*Member of Tarot Certification Board of America.

*Celebrity Tarot Astrologer & Advisor of astrospeak.com,astrolife.com,astroyogi.com,

*Relationship Advisor of shaaditimes.com (shaadi.com)

*Regular/visitor Tarot advisor on TV & FM Radio

*Many Articles, predictions & interviews published in all leading news papers of India.

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