A tourist planning for a Switzerland Tour is always inquisitive about the tourist places to be visited during that Switzerland Tour. Fortunately in the whole of Western Europe, which is thronged by the travellers during the vacations, Switzerland is the most popular tourist country. The most popular tourist places within Switzerland are Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Zermatt, Interlaken etc. Apart from these, there are other ones too, though less popular yet picturesque. Switzerland Tourism Department is also active in the area of promoting travel and tourism in the country. Here under we are providing you the information valuable for you while your Switzerland vacation.

The Major Tourist Places in Switzerland

• Geneva
• Lucerne
• Zurich
• Interlaken

More Tourist Places in Switzerland


This northern city (pop. 170,000) on the Rhine River, is situated at the meeting point of Switzerland, France and Germany. Known as the centre for fabric-dye production in medieval times; Basel is now the base for many of the international pharmaceutical companies. It is also one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in Switzerland.

The city's tourist attractions while on Switzerland Tour include the Munster (9th-century red sandstone cathedral), the 11th-century cathedral (which holds the tomb of Erasmus), University of Switzerland (the oldest in the country), Three-Country Corner and Market Square (with its surrounding medieval-era houses). Drei Konige, or the "Three Kings on the Rhine," is Europe's oldest hotel.

There are a number of museums: the Kunstmuseum (one of the country's best fine arts museums), Antikenmuseum (ancient Greek and Roman artifacts), a small Jewish Museum and the Paper Museum (covers the history of printing). The Museum Jean Tinguely offers a sampling of the Swiss sculptor's delightfully whimsical mechanical contraptions. The Fondation Beyeler contains works by Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh and other well-known artists.

If the time permits, you can also enjoy a dinner cruise on the Rhine in the evening. If the date of your Switzerland Tours is likely to coincide the city's Carnival, make the accommodation arrangement in advance in Zurich or Bern from where you can get special morning trains for Basel.


Kunstmuseum,Bern - SwitzerlandThe ancient capital of Switzerland, its also known as 'Berne' by Switzerland's French-speaking citizens. The whole city was renovated after it was ruined by fire in 1405. It has many fine examples of early-15th-century architecture - so U.N. declared it a 'World Heritage Site'. The Old town is identified by its thick-walled stone houses brightened by the boxes of geraniums on the balconies overlooking the Aare River.

Bern's 11th-century arcaded streets provides wonderful opportunities for tourists for sightseeing and shopping. Mountains around Bern provides a beautiful backdrop - the northwest is dominated by the Jura and the Alps and their foothills provides a wonderful backdrop to the south. The city centre with its beautiful medieval architecture is located on the Aare River between the the striking copper spire of the Nydegg church (Nydeggkirche) and the 13th-century clocktower (Zeitglockenturm). Vegetable and flower markets are held everyday during the summers. A celebrated onion market is also held here on the fourth Monday of November.


Make sure that you visit the Rhone Glacier which lies nearby when you're in Brig. Ypu can also visit the resorts of Saas Fee and Zermatt which are near to Brig as well as Italy via a major tunnel through the Alps.


One of the oldest city in Switzerland, Chur has been inhabited since at least 3000 BC. Chur is the capital of the canton of Graubunden (or Grisons in French). A Stone Age relics which was found here has been displayed in the splendid archaeological museum in the Old Town.

The main tourist attractions at the city are the Rhine River and spectacular mountains and valleys in the area. The world famous ski resorts of St. Moritz, Arosa and Davos are also nearby. A special treat in Chur is the Romantik Hotel Stern, with its impressive collection of old coaches and sleighs.


Fribourg is the Swiss region where the French and German languages and cultures merge together. Fribourg is a beautiful little town built on a hillside. Red-tiled buildings in the old section lead your way up from the Saane River to the Gothic St. Nicholas Cathedral. It also has a pretty Town Hall and a Museum of Art and History.


Horse Drawn Sleigh,Bernese Oberland - SwitzerlandThis town in the Jungfrau region offers winter horse-drawn sleigh rides and good skiing. Be sure to visit one of the nearby glaciers (the higher one, Obergletscher, is the best). The ideal route is via train from Interlaken. The trip turns spectacular - if you go all the way up to Jungfrau Station, the highest railway in Europe.

Heidi Area

Chalets in the mountains, ski lodges and horse-drawn sleigh rides that portray Switzerland can be seen live at the Bernese Oberland, and the Heidi Area near Chur in eastern Switzerland. Alphorn blowers, beautiful hilly pastures, waterfalls, glaciers and detailed wood carvings on houses and bridges is something not to be missed.


A truly sparkling little city (its yellow sandstone buildings glitter in the sun), Neuchatel, is situated at the foot of the Jura Mountains on the largest lake in the entire Switzerland. The city is acclaimed academically because of its outstanding prep schools and universities.

The Art and History Museum and Swiss clocks and watches that are made in the city tempt the tourists to be a part of the city for long.


This typical Swiss town is near Lucerne in central Switzerland. The surrounding canton of Schwyz (pronounced shfeetz) was one of three founding members of the Swiss Confederation and gave its name to the rest of the country (Switzerland is called "Schweiz" in German). The Victorinox factory, where the original Swiss Army knives are made are also available for sale. Travel by a train up to the resort town of Stoos which is worth watching.

St. Gallen

At St. Gallen (pop.73,000), visit St. Gallen's town square, the baroque cathedral and the world-renowned Abbey Library with an excellent collection of medieval manuscripts.


Zermatt - SwitzerlandThun is a well-established market town, which explores the Bernese Oberland Mountains well. Thun is one of the Switzerland's largest military training bases, and relics of the town's early military origins. Thun Castle built in 1190 is a classic monument. A stroll from the medieval Rathausplatz to the lakeshore provides wonderful views.

Valais Area

This area is home to some of the most dramatic Alpine sceneries in the country, including the town of Zermatt. The Matterhorn, Eiger and Mt. Blanc can all be seen (on clear days) on a trip via bus and cable car along the Pillon Pass. Other sights in the canton include a fresco that tells the story of William Tell (it's painted on a house in Ernen/Muhlebach) and Grand St. Bernard. Sion has enough old cathedrals and interesting buildings to justify an overnight.


This city (pop. 85,000) is quite famous for its artwork. Visit the Oskar-Reinhart Foundation Museum, where paintings by Swiss, German and Austrian artists are on display. There is also a nice fine arts museum in town, as well. The Collegium Musicum (founded in 1629) stages wonderful concerts. Nearby is the Kyburg Castle that is worth watching.

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