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City Palace of Udaipur

Present  main entrance is known as elephant gate. At this place elephants were  used in tug of war games in the presence of Kings and royal cabinet.  This palace started by Maharaja Udai Singh but further additions were made by his predecessors. All new additions were well matched with the old structure so this palace became a conglomeration of eleven palaces.  This palace houses terraces, pavilions, corridors, courtyards, rooms and hanging gardens.  Maharaja Udai singh started this palace on the advice of a holly sadhu and constructed a shrine there. This shrine is the oldest part of the palace and now known as Dhuni Mata. Exactly above the place where the holly sadhu was sitting there is a bucket shaped big container. Coins kept in this container and then donated to people after the kings take over the charges of the country.

  In front of this Dhuni Mata is the gallery reflecting the rich saga of Rana Pratap Singh. The gallery displays the war ornaments used by Rana Pratap and his horse Chetak. The 25 Kg weight sword used by Rana Pratap Singh is displayed here. Rana Pratap use to carry two swords with him always. Before any fight he uses to offer one sword to his opponent if he is not armed.  His horse ornaments include one artificial elephant trunk used to confuse opponent elephants as baby elephants as elephants don't attack baby elephants. One big picture of Rana Pratap vertically  killing  a Mogul soldier along with his horse into two pieces in one stroke of his sword is displayed inside this gallery.   Pigeon cages are kept in a hall, pigeons are used to send messages in those days. Narrow walkways and entrance to rooms and steps were constructed even though the Marana families were tall in height to prevent rush of enemies or attackers suddenly inside the palace. Another reason was all has to enter to Kings Area with head down.  

    Maharana Karan Singh had added fine peacocks constructed in relief mosaic.  These peacocks are kept inside glass windows for the tourist to watch the colorful design. This place is known as Mor Chowk

  Zenana Mahal women's quarter  was constructed for women. There are beautiful antique furniture displayed inside the halls. Kerosene operated table fan is kept in the main meeting place for the women. 

Pictures of king hunting and their royal living styles are displayed in different paintings.

  Maharana Karan Singh constructed a portion of the palace known as Dil Khushal with mirror glass designs and miniature paintings  fitted all along the walls and roofs.

  Maharanas of Mewar are Surya Vanshi or decedents of Sun god. So they daily pray the sun god. One big sun god status made of Gold is available inside the palace and the kings use to perform puja here on the cloudy days when sun god is not visible. Outside the Palace there is another status of Sun God for general public to offer their pujas.  

There is a beautiful courtyard with decorative structures for light fittings is available for booking to organize functions.  

View of Lake Pichola and Lake Palace is available from this Palace.  

Light shows are organized during evening hours and separate entry tickets for this is available at the gate.
  Visiting time is morning 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM

Entry fee is Rs 50 for adults ( age above 12 years )  to visit inside the city palace. For child age between 5 years to 12 years it is Rs 30. Students in a group it is Rs 30 and teachers with student group is Rs 30. All military personnel with valid identity proof it is Rs 30.

Guides are available at a fee of Rs 100  

Entry is free for Handicapped persons.

Camera fee is Rs 200 for all types of cameras.

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