Maheshwari Matrimonials

Maheshwari Matrimonial

Maheshwari is one of the leading Indian Hindu community, Maheshwari are originally from the state of Rajasthan but over a period of time this progressive community has now spread not only in different states of India but has spread the wings Internationally.

Maheshwari is predominately a business mindset community, in past, Maheshwari boys were mainly involved in small to medium scale business including grain merchant, Kirana shops, Dress material shops etc. and girls use to housewife but the Maheshwari community has made huge progress in the last few decades and give some exceptional national level business personalities. The young generation is now speeding towards High education and the community has given thousands of leading Doctors, Engineers, Architecture, Administration officers, IT Consultants, CA, CS, Professional services, Bankers, Army and still the community has not lost the strong grip on business.

Maheshwari pariwar also strongly believe in Women power and the community is empowering women, Girls are offered high education, Job and business opportunities same as boys which has certainly given a much stronger raise to the community as no community can grow without the proper growth of women. Maheshwari Girls are now working as Doctors, Engineers, IT Engineers, Accountants, and many are supporting the family business opportunity and growing the business on the next level. Many Maheshwari girls have set an example to society and stand as role model to other communities. Both Maheshwari boys and girls now go to major IT hubs Bangalore, Pune, Noida, Delhi and also enjoying the international lifestyle and moved to UK, USA, Dubai, Australia and many other countries.

Maheshwari community is very much lean towards Indian culture, young boys are girls are very advanced but still deeply rooted in the cultural ground. This clearly reflects in the Matrimonial of the Maheshwari community as well. The majority of Maheshwari boys and girls go for arrange marriage and see marriage as a long-lasting relationship for generations, Divorce is not common in Maheshwari’s.

The following is a list of those 82 original last names. There have been several additions to and derivatives from these names due to the family’s place of business and/or the trade engaged in.

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