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Fortune tarot reading - One specific field Rs. 1100 / $24
Fortune Tarot Reading explores what blessings, surprises lessons & luck the future will bring in specific concerning area of life

Divya Chugh - Love/Relationship Forecast Reading Rs. 1500 / $33
The Love Forecast Tarot Reading is a powerful; Love spread answers your most personal, heartfelt questions about love and romance.

Divya Chugh - Love Compatibility Analysis+General Tarot Reading Rs. 2500 / $55
The compatible or incompatible vibrations between persons play a major role in the romantic road of love.

Divya Chugh - 32 categories reading
(complete analysis)
Rs. 2000 / $44
This tarot card reading gives you a near future map of your life, empowering you to change specific areas in your life or to prepare to get the most out of the positive things to come!

Divya Chugh - Manifest your wish Rs. 1200 / $26
Make your wish come true with tarot. It is a simple way to begin to make any dream come true. This tarot card reading gives guidance for success.

Divya Chugh - Special Tarot Counseling Reports Rs. 6000 / $130
Divya`s Tarot Counseling Reports can provide insight into a particular situation, current questions, past influences and reveal opportunities for growth.


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